Kuster still right for New Hampshire

To the Editor:

Annie Kuster is a hard-working, thoughtful congresswoman who has focused on the needs of New Hampshire. To help job seekers find employment, she has regularly hosted job fairs throughout the state in order to match those seekers with potential employers. In Washington, she has worked on legislation to end tax breaks for those American corporations who ship jobs abroad. At the same time, she’s been involved in legislation that offers tax incentives to businesses who work with community colleges to develop up-to-date skill training opportunities for students.

Kuster has been a strong supporter of our veterans as she works across the aisle to ensure legislation that helps our vets. She has worked to bring VA health clinics to Berlin and Colebrook, as well as to rectify the issues surrounding the backlog of vets who need VA attention. She worked to ensure fair legislation regarding sexual assault whistleblower protection in the armed forces.

Our New Hampshire students are benefitting from Annie’s attention to tuition costs. In 2013 she was able to keep tuition rate hikes minimal for our NH students.

All in all, we in New Hampshire and the USA are better off from having Annie Kuster in Congress. I urge you to vote to send her back to Congress in November.

Nancy Iannuzzelli