Outreach meeting article disappointing to reader

To the Editor:

I am disappointed with the article regarding the Greater Milford Outreach meeting. I think that the tone of the article is inflammatory and does not represent what Capt. Nervik was sharing with our group.

I believe Capt. Nervik was pointing out that drugs and addiction problems are not isolated to one segment of our population, but can be a problem for all people. We all need to be on guard and know the warning signs. I know Capt. Nervik would never point a finger at any of our kids, not our athletes, honor students, or our kids who have less than others.

I think this does a great disservice to our police force who work hard for our citizens in Milford.

Capt. Nervik brought up many of the good things about Milford, what the police are doing for us, and what makes our community a wonderful place to live and raise children. I am proud to work for the town of Milford and to work with the Milford Police.

This kind of article only makes citizens suspicious of the police and makes their jobs more difficult as they wonder what the public might be thinking of their motives.

Susan Drew

Welfare Director