Hassan’s lack of qualifications

To the Editor:

What does a Governor really do?

1. The governor is Chief Executive of the State. His/her role is primarily administrative, financial & leadership.

2. The governor uses his/her position to bolster the state’s standing in the world, to form partnerships with other governments.

3. The governor manages staff of attorneys, analysts, finance experts carry out these duties.

The Governor of NH has to perform well in these administrative and financial duties, so that the economy of the state can grow.

Does Maggie Hassan have what it takes?

? Her policies are those of President Obama which have proven disastrous to America.

? Governor Hassan has demonstrated that she has no knowledge of business by first cold calling Turkey for weeks, coming home with no orders.

Then, by saying 0.9% growth is good for New Hampshire.

? Gov. Hassan’s office of economic development is called DRED for good reason.

DRED is bureaucratic and useless, as anyone who has tried to start a business knows.

Now, she proves she can’t balance a check book.

Walt Havenstein, as CEO of the largest employer of the state, is a financial expert, and can do all the other functions of the Governorship.

David McConville