Chandley responds to constituents’ concerns

To the Editor:

I hope you will join me in supporting Shannon Chandley in the upcoming elections. I first met Representative Chandley after finding an unintended loophole in the state’s uninsured motorist laws. Although the issue did not impact me personally, I saw the potential harm it could cause others. Accordingly, last fall I approached Representative Chandley to see if she could help. She spoke with me immediately and took the time to hear my concerns. She quickly understood the problem and began the process of assisting in drafting legislation that would fix this unintended loophole. After several hearings, all of which Representative Chandley attended with me, House Bill 1353 subsequently passed both the House and the Senate with bipartisan support.

I found Representative Chandley to be responsive to the needs of her constituents and dedicated to passing legislation that would benefit the residents of New Hampshire. She has succeeded in her efforts largely through her willingness to listen to all sides, compromise when needed, and continually fight for what she believes in. The result is a legislator who can work with individuals from both major political parties to achieve bipartisan results.

In addition to her commitment to the people of New Hampshire generally, Representative Chandley is a long-time resident of Amherst and understands the needs of the town’s residents. She has been a great voice for the town at the Statehouse and it would be a shame if we were not to send her back for another term. Please join me on Nov. 4 in voting for Shannon Chandley.

Anna Goulet Zimmerman