We don’t need a CVS in Milford

To the Editor:

I want to respond to the article regarding CVS trying to come to Milford.

I think it is outrageous that a town the size of Milford needs another pharmacy. We already have three Rite Aid locations, plus Walgreens, and Walmart just down the road. I don’t feel putting a CVS into the mix is adding any value to the town, especially in the proposed location next to County Stores.

I propose that CVS contact Rite Aid about taking over one of their locations which are within miles of each other (I personally don’t understand how all three can be profitable) or that CVS look for a location close to the Market Basket. The west side of town can handle the additional traffic. Trying to put a CVS in the middle of a “neighborhood” is a bad idea – one that will bring unhappy residents, too much traffic congestion, and frankly look ridiculous amongst the small town charm of Toyland and County Stores.

I strongly encourage the Board of Selectman to reject this proposal. I would also encourage you to read other’s opinions on the issue by reading my post on the Milford Facebook page. There are very few comments in favor of the plan, many more against it and currently 48 “likes.”

Patti Kenyon