Superfund site cleanup a long, positive journey

To the Editor:

I don’t think that anyone is more pleased that the Fletcher Paint Superfund Site is coming to an end than I! My business is right next door to the entire cleanup, Power of One Chiropractic, and we have gone through it all from the beginning, the shaking, noise, disruption, interruption etc….

Maxymillian but more importantly Tyler Rogers who was the front man for the whole operation did such an incredible job and were very easy to work with in the sense that they really looked out for my business to make sure that we got what we needed in regards to parking, building safety, information etc… Tyler made sure that my business was taken care of during this process. They did things the right way, got the place cleaned up properly and did it all AHEAD of schedule.

I know it sounds weird, but I’m going to miss looking out of my office windows each day to see the changes that are being made.

It has been a long road going through this, but Maxymillian, Tyler and the town of Milford have been wonderful during this process. I have had this project weighing on my mind for the past 10 years, been to the public meetings, voiced my concerns and opinions, listened to public officials and learned from Tyler and now it’s coming to a close. I just can’t believe it.

Thank you to my wonderful and incredible patients for being so very tolerant and understanding with all of the noise, building shaking and parking issues (I’m very blessed being able to serve my wonderful “extended family” patients), and thank you to Milford town officials, Milford Police Department, Maxymillian and especially Tyler for keeping in touch with me, keeping me informed, keeping us in mind and taking such good care of my staff and patients. I am truly, truly appreciative.

Dr. Kimberly Waters

Power of One Chiropractic