Group has worked with town for conservation gift

To the Editor:

In 1974, several families purchased 57 acres with a farmhouse on Melendy Road in Milford. Most of us built our homes there, and we put 30-plus acres into current use. From the beginning, our vision was that this land would remain open.

As we age and before the land passes to the next generation, we want to ensure that this becomes conservation land for all to enjoy. This property abuts the rail trail and has two historic quarries. The land can be used for hiking and possibly a community garden.

We have moved through a two-year process with state agencies and the town of Milford which has been thorough and open. We have worked to ensure that there is no impact to the vernal pools during the breeding of amphibians, which included a visit from a New Hampshire state wetlands inspector. We are especially grateful for the time, support and advice of the Milford boards and commissions as we have moved through the many steps to meet all the requirements. These dedicated volunteers serve our community so well.

We are happy to fulfill our original vision of keeping the land undeveloped by making a gift of 30 acres to the town of Milford. We hope this gift provides as much pleasure to future generations as it has to us over the past several decades.

Melendy Country Association

Donald and Pauline Boggis, Milford

Sandra Frades, Milford

Carmela and Steve Horlitz,

Concord, Mass.

Michele and Bob Moulton, Milford

Jeanne and Olav Nieuwejaar, Milford