Letter damages Boggis’ legacy

To the Editor:

In response to Suzanne Fournier’s letter in the July 13 Cabinet, I feel compelled to address the statements made toward Mr. Greg Boggis.

I had the pleasure of serving with Mr. Boggis for few years on the Conservation Commission. The town benefited from his years of volunteer service. Greg resigned from the commission in November 2016, months before this land gift was brought to the commission in March 2017. To have the hateful and inaccurate words damage that legacy is shameful. The biased and false conclusions in your letter do not promote conservation or community civility. Your unwillingness to accept another’s viewpoint and hurl ugly, deceitful accusations do nothing but dishonor the intentions of the landowners who are offering such a generous gift. Using the Cabinet as your podium to bully a man whose only desire was to take his turn at plate participating in teamwork and partnership, and for years has been a wise and responsible steward of the land that makes Milford such a great place to live, is just plain wrong.

You should consider offering Mr. Boggis an apology. He certainly deserves one from you.

Chris Costantino