For the people of New Hampshire

On Jan. 17, the Public Works and Highways House Committee will be hearing testimony on HB 1706. The bill reinstates the financing for the Wild Goose boat launch on Lake Sunapee killed by the Senate in the last term and buried by the governor shortly thereafter.

Very briefly, after all, there is nearly a 30-year history surrounding this issue,. For reasons known only to them and perhaps a few insiders, these two bodies essentially told the citizens of New Hampshire that their rights under a 116-year-old law, RSA 271:20, and upheld by two New Hampshire Supreme Court decisions, mattered not at all. Rather, the wants and wishes – not the rights – of the 55 percent of out-of-state lakefront property owners was more important to these two bodies? There are approximately 97,601 New Hampshire resident fishing license holders, one of which is not our governor, and 94,000 (including out of state) power boat owners whose rights under the law have been denied by this senseless action.

We have the support of the Sullivan County Board of Commissioners and and officials from cities near the lake. Please acquaint yourselves with this issue and join us in telling our representatives, senators and governor that New Hampshire citizens’ rights under the laws are what their oath of office demands they uphold and not the wishes of out-of-state visitors.