Put meeting on calendar

The WLC budget process for the coming school year is in its final stages. The next event is the final event, the School District Meeting held on March 10 at 9 a.m. Those who attend this meeting will be the only individuals who decide on how the district will fund education in the 2018-19 school year. I will be sending out a weekly description of items to be voted on so that you can have a better understanding of the proposals being made.

Warrant article Number 4 is the Operating Budget. The proposed budget is a reduction of $206,810 compared to the current year’s budget. This represents a 1.65 percent decrease resulting in a tax decrease for each town averaging about $80 for a home at the average valuation.

There is a decrease in staff by one teacher in the fifth grade. Average class sizes in kindergarten through eighth grade will range from 14 to 21, if the current student populations graduating to the next grade.

Areas of the budget that enhance instruction include:

• Writing curriculum for grade K-5

• Increased professional development for teaching mathematics

• AP US History class at WLC

• Enhanced science and technology curriculum for grades 6-8

• New text books for social studies at FRES

• Software for grades 6-8

• New touch pads for grade 2

• Specialty computer lab for MS/HS engineering

• Additional professional development for all staff

• Replacements for aging pieces of technology

• Replacements for furniture

The budget committee and the school board had meetings from September to January to discuss the items in the budget and have agreed that this budget will meet educational needs of our students for the coming year.

Please put the District Meeting on your schedule for March 10. I encourage you to be an active participant in the educational process for the children of Lyndeborough and Wilton.