Chen is best choice

Dave Chen is a respectful, honorable and sincere person. He has lived in Amherst for more than 35 years; and has volunteered his time to various positions in Amherst. He loves Amherst. He wants Souhegan to be the best high school in New Hampshire. He wants the children of Amherst to receive the best education while keeping mindful of the expense to the taxpayers.

Dave has been a vocal advocate for safety and security best practices for Souhegan. These practices were created by the Department of Homeland Security. He has consistently pushed for security cameras for protection against catastrophic events and to solve lesser crimes like assault, bullying, thefts and vandalism. I believe Dave is right, the time has come to implement the improvements that have been recommended by both the Amherst Police Department and the Department of Homeland Security.

Dave always is looking for ways to improve the academics at Souhegan, while being mindful of the expense. He has pushed for a STEM curriculum and STEM lab. Dave does not avoid the tough questions like: Why are Souhegan math assessment scores consistently lower than other schools in the area? How can we continue to offer a wide variety of programs at an affordable cost while enrollment continues to decrease? What can be done to increase enrollment?

One new initiative Dave has championed highlights his ability to look for innovative ways to improve the school while lowering expenses. While looking at the expense of replacing Souhegan’s shared 800 computers, Dave suggested that the school purchase laptops for the students instead. Consequently, when a student begins their Freshmen year at SHS, they receive a free laptop. Not only does this make our students more computer literate, it will pay for itself as hundreds of shared computers are no longer needed. Money was saved by implementing this idea!

I have known Dave for about five years and worked with him while on the Souhegan Finance Advisory Committee. Dave will challenge the status quo and will engage in a lively debate over pertinent issues. However, Dave is always respectful and welcomes those opinions that are opposite of his own. In this day of personally attacking your opponent, Dave is a breath of fresh air. Dave will argue with facts instead of personal attacks. Problems are solved when there are a variety of opinions being considered. We need Dave to continue to challenge the status quo and look for innovative ways to improve our school.

Please join us in voting for David Chen for Souhegan School Board.