Clearing the air

Over the last several weeks there has been plenty of speculation about us leaving our positions with the town of Wilton. Wilton taxpayers have been asking questions and deserve honest answers. What precipitated our resignations? How bad does the work environment have to be for the entire staff in the Selectmen’s office to want to depart? We wanted to remain silent and just look toward the future, but public comments made during recent Board of Selectmen’s meetings now require a response.

First, to make it perfectly clear, we resigned. We weren’t fired, nor were any of us asked to leave for any reason. Our job performance was never an issue, and we have the performance reviews to prove it. Despite working under extremely adverse conditions at times, we looked forward to coming to work every day.

We enjoyed our jobs and enjoyed serving the town residents and supporting town departments and their missions. However, one Selectman was responsible for creating an increasingly toxic environment over the last year. In March, that reached a tipping point with the staff feeling undermined, unsupported and maligned more than ever. Even more disappointing is that same Selectman, Kermit Williams, has gone on to make many untrue derogatory statements about us even though we are no longer town of Wilton employees. That is as unprofessional as it gets, and it is exposing the town to unnecessary liability. What responsible employer would EVER make malicious, negative comments about former employees in a public meeting? That just exemplifies the hostile conditions under which we had to work over the last year. Enough is enough.

We have very much appreciated the support we have received from Wilton residents, department heads, officials and employees since leaving our positions. We miss you all. We would also like to thank Selectwoman Kellie-Sue Boissonnault as well as Selectmen Bill Condra and Steve McDonough for their support and friendship. The town of Wilton needs more reasonable, honest officials like you that understand what the word integrity means.