I want to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of the Library Expansion Task Squad over the past 12 months. This volunteer team is made up of construction professionals, community members, library staff and library trustees.

Their charge was to evaluate the current needs of Milford’s Wadleigh Library, look at the list of space and repair issues, and come up with a recommendation for how the library can best serve the needs of the community, current users and staff.

Voters are well aware of two failed prior proposals for a new and improved library. The trustees of the library took the “no” message from the voters very seriously, and literally went back to the drawing board. With fresh eyes, a newly assembled team of citizens gathered to come up with a better idea.

There is no avoiding the foundation/stabilization work that needs to be done on the 1950s building, and there are space, parking and accessibility issues that must be addressed. Because this will involve extensive renovation, LETS proposed that we incorporate a modest building expansion at the same time. In total, they have recommended that we repair, renovate and expand the Wadleigh Library while limiting project costs to no more than $3 million.

This is where we stand at the moment. With the help of LETS members, a professional library space planning firm and an action-oriented library director and board, we are moving the project ahead with the ultimate goal of supporting lifelong learning and better connecting the community to resources and services. Stay tuned; we look forward to keeping you posted.