One Ostrich

It has been hot, really hot! And not just here. There have been an extraordinary number of new maximum temperatures recorded over the entire world during the last two weeks. This comes following recent catastrophic, super storms, 500-year floods and devastating droughts. What is going on?

A few years ago, the world’s scientists came to the consensus that man was playing a significant role in a continuous heat rise in the atmosphere. It was determined that the chief culprit was the burning of carbon fuels. They concluded that carbon emissions had to be lowered.

All of the countries in the world but two signed the Paris Climate Accord in 2015. 195 countries signed the agreement. Only 2 countries did not, Nicaragua and Syria. Nicaragua refused in order to make its point that the agreement did not go far enough. Syria was too busy fighting a civil war.

One country that did sign the accord has now pulled out of it, the world’s most powerful one. It is the one with the largest economy, and the country with the most scientists, engineers, and other learned people. It is the country that used to be the world’s leader. But it has become the Ostrich. It has labeled all of what is happening a hoax and it has buried its head in the sand.

On July 4th I became frustrated and angry. This has been the worst string of five intensely hot and miserably humid days I can ever remember. I have become outraged. I can no longer suppress my anger knowing that the country that is the Ostrich is my country. It is the United States.

It is time for us all to say, Wake up you stupid Ostrich! Don’t you realize that someday it will become too hot for even you to keep your head hidden, your limbs unmoving and your brain unenlightened. What are you going to do then? Burn more coal?