Fernald runs for office

I am running for State Senate District 9 (which includes the towns of Mont Vernon, Lyndeborough and Temple) because New Hampshire is on the wrong track. Consider these trends:

Since 2000, the total property tax bill in New Hampshire has more than doubled, rising faster than the incomes of most people.

After adjusting for inflation and population growth, the State contributes to the University System about 35 percent less than what it contributed in 1988.

The State’s general fund revenue, after adjusting for inflation, has gone down since 1999 even though the economy has grown by one third.

Our State’s mental health system is increasingly underfunded.

Adjusted for inflation, gas tax revenue is half what it was in 1988.

We want to retain our talented young people. We can’t do that with the highest in-state tuition rate, and highest-in-the-nation student debt.

We want to attract young families, but the nation’s highest property tax burden makes homes unaffordable for many families.

We honor our older citizens, but tax them out of their homes.

We want good schools, but we allow a school funding system that leaves poor towns with poorly-funded schools.

We want to attract new businesses, but when we don’t invest in higher education or in our roads, businesses may ask why they should invest here.

Too many candidates in New Hampshire are afraid to talk about taxes and revenue. Revenue is central to my campaign because without adequate revenue, New Hampshire will fail to meet its goals in education, healthcare, and infrastructure.

If you want a state Senator who will confront the long-term consequences of starving our University System, of failing to invest in our infrastructure, and of placing a disproportionate burden on property taxpayers, then vote for me in the Democratic Primary on Sept. 11.