Not far enough

I read the letter to the editor headed “Disgusting and Vile Attack” and wonder at those who said they were glued to their TV during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and testimony, yet missed the part where the FBI was instructed by the current resident of the White House not to follow-up with those who could corroborate witness testimony and to take all the time required, but no more than seven days. The Republicans felt that not confirming the appointee of President Obama for almost a year created no strain on the Supreme Court of the U.S., no matter how many rules were bent, but Mr. Trump’s appointee had to be fast-tracked or the court would be all but crippled. Then, readers were treated to good old-fashioned victim blaming of a 15-year-old young woman for attending a party with no adult supervision — as if that was advertised in the information about the party. How about blaming the parents who owned the house where the party was? Where were they when the blame wheel was given a spin? Living in the bubble allows fairness to be put aside in favor of hearing what supports your point of view.

Questions about a victim’s past at any age, let alone at 15, would be forbidden in an attempted rape trial, but apparently her past is fair game when the Judiciary Committee was rushing to push through a nomination for a favorite son of the Federalist Society, who would have no issues with finding that a sitting president can’t be indicted, can give blanket pardons in federal and state cases, would likely vote to overturn Row v. Wade, continue to limit voting rights based on scant evidence of voter fraud anywhere in the country, which is a thinly disguised attempt to limit minority voting.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford had the nerve to shut down her social media accounts just because she was harassed, threatened and attacked? How dare she?

Couldn’t recall who paid for her polygraph test? I would have thought the results of the test were the goal, not finding another reason to blame Dr. Ford for an unworthy party paying for it.

Living in a bubble prevents fair play for the victim, while expecting people to bend over backward for the accused.

“Disgusting and Vile” doesn’t go far to describe those senators who couldn’t wait to railroad a hyper-conservative appointee to approval. Words like shameful and self-serving should also be added.