Chandley for Senate

In 2016, I decided to learn about local politics and become more engaged in New Hampshire’s political landscape. To that end, I reached out to my local representatives. In Amherst where I live, Shannon Chandley immediately responded to my queries, inviting me to Concord and advising me on how to testify in committee on issues of import. I visited the State House several times, and was lucky to see Shannon in action first-hand. In Concord, Shannon is known for reaching across the aisle and working with legislators to solve critical issues. In particular, I watched in awe as Shannon worked dispassionately on the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee to table a bill that might have had unintended consequences for women. I saw her speak before the full House, and lead by example. I felt proud to have such a competent and committed legislator working on my behalf. Now, Shannon hopes to serve as state senator for District 11, including Milford, where I work as a teacher. I wholeheartedly endorse Shannon Chandley as a diligent and thoughtful political leader. She is committed to serving her constituents, and listens attentively to the people she serves. She will work hard to attract and retain young families in New Hampshire, to provide adequate funding for K-16 education without downshifting costs to local taxpayers and to provide critical resources for health services, including substance abuse treatment. Please vote for Shannon Chandley on Nov. 6. New Hampshire will be better with Shannon Chandley in the Senate.