Get educated and vote

With the Nov. 6 general election less than 30 days away, I’ve got a simple message for every potential voter: Get educated and go vote! This is a midterm election where typically only a third of voters participate. Why should 1/3 of voters dictate what happens to everyone else? Why doesn’t everyone eligible get out and vote? Studies show voter apathy has many excuses: too busy, not interested, not educated, etc. Elections have consequences. I urge those who normally don’t vote to take the time between now and Nov. 6 to become educated on the candidates, the issues, and, most importantly, show up and vote on Nov. 6.

How do you get educated on candidates and issues? The Telegraph is sponsoring three excellent candidate series at the Holiday Inn: Monday night (State Senate and Executive Council), Oct. 22 (Governor) and Nov. 1 (2nd Congressional District). Don’t forget the “down-ballot” candidates, e.g., all 400 New Hampshire House reps are up for election, to say nothing of the county offices. How do you know who’s running? The New Hampshire Secretary of State’s website ( provides sample ballots for every single voting district in New Hampshire. Go look at the ballot in your voting district, see who’s running, research them! Most every candidate has a website. Google them; learn where they stand.

Are you registered to vote? Many town clerks and the city of Nashua are holding extended voter registration hours now just for that purpose. You also can register to vote at the polls on Nov. 6 – bring your ID.

But, most important: Show up and vote on Nov. 6! Representative democracy demands that more than 1/3 of the voters should have a say in how we govern ourselves. Participate!