Inappropriate vote

At the last Bedford School Board meeting, members were pressured to vote whether to allow private developers access to the high school’s sewer and water lines for their proposed apartment project.

The developers apparently felt that if they had a confirmed source of tie-in, it would encourage the planning and zoning boards to approve their project faster. The Board voted 3-2, but stipulated that it was “non-binding” and “revocable” based on new information, according to board member Kassler.

During the course of the meeting, the developer stated that his project would simply tie into the system of a nearby business if the school board voted no. My question is, if they already had permission to tie into the system of a nearby business, why would they need to pursue the school’s system so arduously?

School boards are not authoritative bodies who approve construction projects. Only the planning and zoning boards can do that. Likewise, residents in attendance were stunned to think that the school board would share taxpayer-funded assets with a private developer, and thus felt that the vote was inappropriate.

It is hoped that as many people who signed the petition against high-density construction will turn out for the ZBA meeting on Dec. 18. Please check for date and venue changes at