Senate mulling bill without considering cost of enactment

For those who are concerned about their personal finances and what it is that our State Senator is proposing consider the following: SB 1 a bill proposing mandatory or equivalent employee family and medical leave has been introduced in the Senate. Ignoring the host of problems and issues with the contents of the bill – just for now – we must be interested in the financial note which accompanies all bills requiring funding. The financial note (FN) is attached to allow legislators insight into what a decision to pass a law would cost allowing additional opportunity to assess the complete worthiness of the bills. It is unlikely that any reader of this letter would sign a blank personal check without knowing the amount. Our senator and many others are sponsoring a bill with an unknown cost exactly like signing a blank check. Is this why we elected our Senator to throw millions of our taxpayer dollars at an issue without knowing the real or estimated cost? Shouldn’t we demand an accounting of the cost of this program before it is introduced? We are well advised to monitor this bill in both the Senate and House as our elected Representatives in the House will eventually have a vote on the bill.