Let’s make history together

History isn’t just dusty old artifacts, yellowed paper or faded photographs, or nearly forgotten stories. History is happening now, changing daily, and constantly evolving. We invite you to join us in making history in Milford. The Milford Historical Society is celebrating our fortieth year in the Carey House Museum and we want you to parttcipate in the excitement with us. The Museum has been almost totally renovated and has a number of new exhibits. Special events are planned for every Open House, from April through December. We may even have a surprise up our sleeves for Later this year. There will be something for everyone and all arc welcome. The events are free and open to the public, but members will receive special benefits. As part of our 201,9 celebration we are conducting a menbership blitz bumping up the numbers on the rolls and searching for new active members. Memberships and sponsorships run from April to April, effective this year. Our leadership has changed, along with the way we are making history in Milford. Don’t miss out We really do need you because without you the history we create in 20l9 will be written dtfferently. Sign up today. Let’s make history together.