Open letter to Erick Erickson

In 2016 you said you could not support Donald Trump because “I found him to be an amoral man and an unprincipled politician.” Now in 2019 you say you are “ready to vote for him in 2020. So what happened?” It appears to me that you are willing to trade principle for a better paycheck. You say “it is obvious at this point that we are in a pagan society that perhaps was never as Christian as I presumed.” Where have you been? I believe that a majority of people knew that already. The actions of your compatriots should tell you what kind of people with whom you are associating.You say: “The president has cut taxes and helped our economy weather the Chinese economic slowdown by mobilizing capital.” Perhaps Trump has cut your taxes because you are part of the rich elite but he has not cut my taxes. How do you think cutting taxes helps the big picture? The deficit keeps growing; do you think it has no limit? Do you care? Trump is a savvy capitalist. Trump does not care who gets hurt as long as he comes out on top. Do you care? You say: “He has moved our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.” How do you think that helps anything? He is just stirring the pot to mask his other illegal/immoral/insane projects. You say: “He withdrew from the Paris Agreement and Iran deal” You think that is good? There is only one world and we are in it, like it or not. You say: “He has developed a mature Western Hemispheric foreign policy.” That is idiot speak for isolationism. Woodrow Wilson found that it doesn’t work and the USA may learn that lesson again. You say: “He has made solid executive and judicial appointments.” Give me a break! Half of his cabinet is either in jail or under subpoena. His appointment of Bret Kavanaugh made a mockery of the process. You say: “He has rolled back regulations.” Some regulations may need changing but many of those designed to protect the environment and the earth have been savaged in the name of profit. Whose profit? Certainly not out children and grandchildren.

You say: “The democrats have gone hard left. Across the country, they are championing infanticide.”

That is your opinion and you are welcome to it; but it is not the opinion of the majority of the country, in my opinion. I am not in favor of abortion as a means of birth control; but it is going to happen regardless of our opinion or the law.

You say: “Their green new deal proposes to pay people unwilling to work, ban the combustion engine and economically destabilize the nation.”

I think you are going overboard here. People on the dole are not going to be living in the lap of luxury, the internal combustion engine will become irrelevant in the age of electric cars without any government fiat. I am confident that the capitalist system is capable of handling the coming changes. You say: ‘They scream about white nationalism on the right, but are fostering growing American anti-Semitism.”That is a lie. Donald Trump is fostering white nationalism and ant-Semitism and anything else that will stir up controversy. I believe your rant has gone to your head.

You say: “They want to use government to punish and silence people of faith.” Where did you get that idea? Certainly those who kill abortion doctors should be punished. It is a free country, you can say almost anything you want, as you have already proved.

You say: “Even now, Senate Democrats are openly opposing judicial nominees merely for being committed Christians.” Certainly judicial nominees who have expressed opinions that are at odds with the law should be opposed; it is a conflict of interest. The wise judge keeps his mouth shut about his religious beliefs and follows the law.

I rather like this quote from Steve Chapman, one of your compatriots:

“Anyone inclined to shrug off Trump’s gross character defects as old news while obsessing about those of his likely opponents might ponder the advice of Jesus of Nazareth. Before trying to take the speck out of someone else’s eye, He suggested, remove the log from your own.”