An exciting year to come

Many thanks to The Cabinet for publishing our recent news update about 2019 events at the Milford Historical Society’s Carey House. We have great new leadership and an able assembly of enthusiastic volunteers. It’s already a promising year, our 40th anniversary year in Carey House, with so much happening and something for everyone. Join us!

At 7 p.m. on March 20, we will host our quarterly meeting in the Town Hall auditorium. Members will vote on bylaw revisions and all will enjoy a program on the Hutchinson Singers and also their relationship to Hitchiner Manufacturing, presented by Charlie Annand and Roberta Douglas. Refreshments will be served. Everyone is welcome.

In just a few short weeks, our membership blitz is already a resounding success. We stand at an 83.33 percent increase in active membership. Wow! Don’t you want to be a part of this? Check out our website to find out how you can join. See each and every one of our events listed. There is room for everyone. It’s not a hundred percent without you!

Thanks again to The Cabinet and thanks to our potential members, new members, returning members and sponsors for what is already happening and for what we have to look forward to this year in Milford and at the Carey House.