How they voted

The following bills were voted to pass by Reps. Murray and Radhakrishnan and not to pass by Reps. Panasiti and Sanborn when present for the vote.

SB 1 Establishing an income tax, HB 397 Making it easier for illegals to obtain a drivers license, HB 558 Banning plastic straws. HB 560 Banning plastic and paper bags. HB 109 Requiring a background check on

commercial firearms sales.HB 514 Requiring a waiting period after purchase of a firearm. HB 233 RE-creating ObamaCare’s unaffordable and inferior care .HB 157 Lowering electric bills. HB 166 Permitting unelected bureaucrats to increase your electric rates. HB 186 Reducing opportunities for unskilled employees to obtain employment. HB 105 Reducing the requirements qualifying individuals to vote. HB 106 Simplifying the ability of out of state persons to negate your vote. HB 611 Allowing voter fraud to increase through poor legislation: (Only Rep. Radhakrishnan).

In addition, both Rep. Murray and Radhakrishnan voted to allow non-citizens to use a drivers license to vote, voted not to prevent the possibility of an income tax, and refusing to allow money taken from you via electric rates to be returned to you. Rep. Murray did vote to include the protection of your family as part of the definition of self defense.