Put a halt to the spending

The Democrats in the New Hampshire Legislature seem to have lost their minds.

The sheer number of bills with enormous price tags have been passed by the Legislature is staggering. As it stands, spending for the 2020-21 budget would grow by $319 million. In the 2022-23 budget, spending would grow by at least $246 million, based on known appropriations.

New taxes, fees and fines abound: A paid family leave insurance income tax, a canoe tax, raising business taxes that were slated to be reduced, the capital gains tax, a motor boat decal fee, increased fines for OHRV violations and a new $2 hotel room fee (on top of the pre-existing 9 percent meals and rooms tax), to name a few.

By contrast, Gov. Chris Sununu put forth a $13 billion budget that included no new taxes or increased fees. The House Dems passed bills amount to a nearly 2.5 percent increase in the overall $13 billion budget from one biennium to the next. That’s a 2.5 percent increase in state government, another step in the steady march toward bigger and bigger government intrusion in our lives.

Call your legislators in Concord and tell them to get themselves under control and that you know how to spend your own hard-earned money better than they do. Tell them to put a halt to the out-of-control taxes and spending spree at the Statehouse.