Why reward illegals?

According to a March 22, 2019, article in The Telegraph concerning the recent NH House of Representatives vote on HB 397, 203 democrats and one republican voted to reward some 15,000 illegals in our state with State driver’s licenses. The rationale given by Rep Casey Conley (D-Dover) was that it would make NH a safer State. US citizens who drive without a license get a citation or even an arrest as part of the effort to make our State safer. Why not do the same for an illegal, arrest them and/or turn them over to ICE for a deportation hearing. It seems to me that would reduce the number of illegals driving in our State without a license and threating the safety of our citizens. Perhaps the reason our State has so many illegals is because our legislators are too lenient and willing to give away our citizen rights to non-citizens rather than help enforce our federal immigration laws. Granting driver permits to these 15,000 people can potentially dilute the voting power of legitimate citizens. This form of identification also could make it easier for illegals to open bank accounts, gain entrance to our schools at taxpayer expense or in place of our citizen college students, compete with U.S. citizens for housing and jobs, and other benefits that should be reserved only for U.S. citizens. Having a New Hampshire driver’s license could make it easier for them to migrate and work in other States that have citizenship-based licenses. Why do our legislators want to reward those who have broken the laws that our country has established to protect our citizens and make United States citizenship so special? If they care more for illegals than our citizens, maybe we should vote in other representatives who really care about us. If they feel that our immigration laws should be changed, then they should force the U.S. congressional representatives to actually do something more than just talk about it. Rewarding illegals with U.S. citizen benefits should not be a State prerogative.