Alcohol Awareness Month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. As a member of our community, you understand the urgent need for addiction recovery solutions. New Hampshire’s lack of treatment funding, rural surroundings and high prescription rates contribute to make the drug and alcohol dependency in New Hampshire among the highest in the country. As aveteran, a citizen and a person in long time recovery, I am leading the Addiction Recovery Coalition of New Hampshire to help save the lives of those caught up in addiction. Over the last 2 1/2 years, more than 20 men have lived clean and sobers lives while living in the ARCNH recovery residence in Hancock. While we enjoyed some great success without our program, it was no longer feasibe for us to operate in the rental property due to major repairs that were needed. ARCNH was founded by a group of concerned New Hampshire citizens with a desire to empower communities with new recovery options for those that are willing. While no one solution can possibly addres the magnitude of this crisis, we believe we have and can continue to make a difference through the establishment of recovery residences. Keeping these individuals sober and active citizens keeps them out of jail, off government aid and in safe, healthy relationships and enviroments. ARCNH can make that difference and provide practical , affordable and reproduceable solution to the present addiction crisis in New Hampshire. We need your help. Solving this crisis will not happen by one person or one organization. We must do this as a community. As such, we have launched an ambitious capital campaign to purchase a permanent residence for our men’s program. Join us during Alcohol Awareness Month and all year long to spread the message that we must do more.