Apologize, governor

I take offense at the inaccuracy of statements made by Gov. Chris Sununu in last Saturday’s speech on the steps of MY house, the state capital.

I am a New Hampshire resident, taxpayer and deserve to be heard. Regardless of party affiliation, you are the governor of ALL of New Hampshire and should treat my concerns with respect instead of mockery.

We all have a voice that deserves to be heard, even though you may not personally agree. It is your duty to do what is best for ALL of New Hampshire. 

Do NOT mock me by finding humor in my need to care for the critically ill in my family. 

Do NOT accuse me of being a paid volunteer. 

Do NOT chuckle at my suffering.

I have a rare disease and risk my health coming to the halls of the state capital and Legislative Office Building each week. I travel more than an hour each way several times a week to make my voice heard.

I CARE about the well being of my family, friends, neighbors, immigrants, less abled, the forests, air, water and wildlife of New Hampshire. 

I will not be silent. 

I find your disdain and belittling of me, my fellow volunteers and legislative advocates inexcusable. 

I will remember. 

I demand an apology.