Journalism masquerade

Just when I think Trump can do no more for me, he surprises with another triumph. The latest is emphatically exposing the Main Stream Media (MSM) for breaking basic rules of bona fide journalism. They have committed figurative suicide, and by choosing to go all-in, they should pay the price for their gamble.

Many as I, have believed that the MSM is Liberal-biased. Books written by journalists who worked for some MSM describe the latent partiality. Not reporting the whole truth by omitting news that doesn’t fit, unknowingly has revealed their leaning. Rather than confirming anonymous reports, they chose to “group think” and cultivate an investigation for one reason – impeachment.

Since Trump’s election, the MSM not only reported incomplete news, but began to heavily slant it Left because they craved Trump be removed from office and jailed. Their large following of haters blindly agreed, and their ratings grew. Their persistence to make the Left look better became their Achilles heel. They chose to oppose Trump, no matter what, and by doing so became a part of the news rather than just reporting it. They thought they could destroy Trump as they’ve craftily done with others opposing their ideology. But when exposed by Trump, their grip began to slip.

Rather than conducting their own probe, they chose to blame Trump, his family, and his campaign for Russian collusion to sway an election. But the Special Prosecutor (SP) found no evidence, and this contradicted many headlines reported by the MSM to-date. Truly, much of that reporting has been false, erroneous, and dishonest, and their misconduct has reduced their reporting to gossip. Unwittingly, they have boosted Trump’s credibility when he refers to them as “Fake News”.

The MSM was duped, mainly by Obama administration senior officials who held law enforcement and intelligence positions and those who hastily convicted Trump based on hate rather than waiting for the SP to accumulate the facts and make his case. Now that the findings are known, these supposedly knowledgeable officials, many TV anchors, and Trump haters have become stooges. Everyone should have been relieved to hear there was no Trump collusion, but not the MSM, Democrats, nor political foes. Instead, they are searching for something else, anything to destroy a fairly-elected president.

Now, the other side of this farce should be investigated. What were the geneses of the counter-intelligence and the Mueller investigations? Why was spying on citizens authorized? Why did Obama’s Justice Department accept Comey’s illegitimate recommendation not to indict Hillary allowing Lynch to discard her legal obligation without validation? The answers may be problematic, but if conspiracy is confirmed, some Democrats and their co-conspirator, the MSM, should suffer.

The MSM and the Democrat Party shouldn’t be allowed to continue without reparation for their hurtful actions over the last 22 months. I don’t expect they will alter their position nor mitigate their attacks. Therefore, they deserve no pardon. Better to rely on FNC and other outlets for information and to join a different political party.