Thanks to all

With the help of many, many volunteers and sponsors, the Milford Historical Society’s April Open House was a wonderful success. The first event celebrating the 40th anniversary of our move into the Carey House was sponsored by the Milford Rotary Club. “A Visit From The Hutchinson Family” featured Steve Blunt, Deborah Goss and Marek Bennet singing musical numbers from the internationally known quartet of Hutchinson Family Singers. These songs made the quartet famous and infamous in the turbulent years leading up to the Civil War. During both afternoons the Carey House was full of music and laughter as the trio presented rollicking and sentimental songs made famous by the Hutchinsons. Visitors had the opportunity to ask questions, sing along and learn little known facts about the singing family. It was pleasing that many guests spent the entire afternoon at the museum. Milford Historical Society is an all volunteer non-profit organization and would not exist without the support of it’s dedicated volunteers or the support of the community. Many thanks to all of the hardworking and generous volunteers who helped get the museum in shape for the Open House, donated refreshments and goods and were on hand each day to set up and to make our guests feel so welcome. Thank you to the Milford Rotary Club for its generous sponsorship of the trio, Woodman’s for the donation of a beautiful floral arrangement and Union Coffee for providing coffee each day. It was wonderful to have so many businesses in Milford be willing to advertise by accepting our posters for display in their store windows. The Milford Cabinet published a wonderful article about the singing trio prior to the event. A special thank you goes to Steve, Deborah and Marek for spending so many months practicing together, for being willing to make the trip to Milford more than a few times and for creating such a wonderful program for the Open House. Another special thank you goes to Martha Manley. She submitted the story of her mother, Patty Rotch, for our present Extraordinary Neighbors exhibition and spent Saturday afternoon at the museum to talk with visitors about Patty. With apologies to Martha, I overlooked publicizing her visit and thank her for being so gracious about my oversight. Events like this take the cooperation and help of numerous people, but none of it would work if the public did not respond to our efforts and attend the events. So, thank you one and all for contributing to such a successful and fun Open House.