Let your representatives know

SB 193 bans products containing flame retardants for alleged health reasons but allowing those same “unhealthy” products in schools, hospitals and yes even jails. Both Representatives Murray and Radhakrishnan voted for the bill , Panasiti voted no and Sanborn was absent. SB 205, allowing un-elected officials to raise your electric rates without legislative approval. Same votes as above. SB 72, requiring utilities to purchase more renewable Energy Certificates again raising your electric bill. Same votes as above. SB 2 Raiding the quality of life insurance unemployment trust funds possibly endangering these payments to the unemployed in the event of a economic downturn. Same votes as above. SB 20 Restricting the income of students in part time work when school is in session even 1 day. Votes same as above. One extremely important vote coming up will be on HB 706. The bill attempts to create an independent redistricting commission. It is extremely important to all parties to insure this bill in any form is defeated. If you fear the state Supreme court interfering with and/or ignoring the New Hampshire Constitution, let your representatives know you do not want this bill to pass.