Best wishes

It has come to my attention that your fine investigative reporter, Kathy Cleveland, is retiring from the Milford Cabinet effective June 5. I’ve not seen anything about it published in the paper, as of yet. I would like to take this opportunity to make a few comments about this milestone in Kathy’s life and at the paper too.

Kathy Cleveland is who we call to cover a story in Milford and the surrounding areas. In many ways, she has been the Cabinet, having many of the stories that make it to print. If they aren’t her stories, she may have encouraged those stories. And she’s a good photographer too. It isn’t going to be the same without her, that’s for sure.

I want Kathy to know and you know she’s been great. I will miss her. She always returned my calls and inquiries and commented on items I personally submitted. She was always prompt and willing to come out to talk. She was always professional. She kept confidences when asked. In some ways she became a friend.

I want to wish Kathy the very best and I want to wish the Milford Cabinet best wishes as they go forward without her. Thank you, Kathy.

Bonnie Gondola

Historian, First Congregational Church