Shame on you

I read with interest your reporting on the current BOE/Superintendent/Teacher kerfuffle. Lots of issues here but one to me hits me squarely. Since safety is and should always be the paramount concern of our government the comments regarding a police presence being misguided by Ms Tlapa and Mr. Vetak and applauded by some of the teachers in attendance are 180 degrees wrong! With some in the audience hurling accusations at the board and the superintendent of a variety of wrongs and with tempers obviously running high in a packed auditorium (the school board meetings are never packed) anyone or everyone in the audience, given our state’s gun laws, could potentially have been carrying a concealed weapon. The proper and prudent decision of the Board in protecting the meeting with a police presence was vindicated in light of a municipal building mass shooting the very next day in Virginia. No public employee in that Virginia Beach municipal building expected to be shot by an angry employee and our Milford School Board was simply doing its duty to protect the lives of our citizens. Ms. Tlapa and Mr. Vetak were clearly playing to the crowd and ignoring reality. Shame on you both.