The benefits of small business

We all know and should appreciate local businesses. In small towns throughout Southern New Hampshire we are used to seeing and visiting our favorite boutiques and coffee shops that resonate the beautiful local culture. But small business goes much deeper than that. The benefits that small businesses bring to our communities are practically unmatched by anything else.

A&E Coffee and Tea is a great example of a highly influential local business. Owners Adam and Emeran Langmaid opened A& E in Amherst in 2001, then two other locations in Manchester and Goffstown. Utilizing and embracing local culture, A&E brings a comforting sense of home to a coffee shop that features coffees and teas sourced from countries all over Africa and South America, including Brazil, Guatemala, Peru and Ethiopia. In doing so, A&E single handedly helps sustain the livelihoods of their suppliers in third-world countries and provides their first-world customers with high quality products. In addition, A&E features the works of various local artists and painters throughout their locations, helping to support and promote other small businesses.

J.M. Princewell is a small gift shop along Union Square. Featuring local and national artisans, they bring a Boston-esqu shopping experience to the Milford Oval . Opened in 2007, J.M. Princewell sells cards, jewelry, skincare products and more, from brands such as Mariposa, Pura Vida, Farmhouse Fresh, Pandora, and countless other. In doing so, J.M.P also helps promote and sustain other local businesses, helping the community and individuals grow.

Unlike large-chain coffee shops and big-brand retailers, A&E and J.M. Princewell embrace connecting the community by featuring other local businesses, and in doing so, integrate seamlessly into our culture. These are but two examples of the dozens upon dozens of other small businesses scattered throughout the Merrimack Valley that help enhance the meaning of our societies and the choices that we get as consumer in Southern New Hampshire.