Stop the insults

I am honored to hear the Paul Revere bell ring each day over our town and recall the echoes of liberty that our forefathers and foremothers fought and sacrificed so much to achieve for us. I have recently learned that many slave and free black Americans also shared in the struggle for liberty that sadly they would not achieve (legally, if not in fact) until after the Civil War. Included in the ranks of the Continental Army from every colony were many immigrants, many fleeing persecution in their home countries. The fight for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is our heritage. The small American flags which flutter in our cemeteries remind me of the price paid for my liberty.

How deeply tragic and sad it is then to hear our President hurl spoken and twitter insults at so many of his opponents, many of whom are people of color. His Sunday, July 14th twitter tirade aimed at four members of the United States House of Representatives is the latest example of how Mr. Trump demeans the office he has pledged to uphold. By his actions and his words he is undermining the fabric of our nation by dividing us with the fear of those who are different. Our enemies could not be happier to see us tearing our republic apart piece by piece. The Republican Party has shown, with few weak exceptions, no courage in standing up for the dignity and decency of the Presidency. I believe that history will show their behavior to be unforgiveable. Mr. Trump needs to be held accountable.

I am not asking for us all to agree. No, a healthy democracy demands a range of opinions and ideas in order that we together may form a more perfect union. I, in fact, do not agree with most of what the far left progressive wing of the Democratic Party is featuring, but hurling insults and condescending name calling at opponents is beneath our shared dignity. Let us in open forums and civil manners debate our ideas with one another. Let us listen and learn from each other with respect and decency. This is the life blood of a true democracy.

As a faith leader in this community, I can no longer remain silent to this daily barrage of insult to the collective memory of those who fought so hard to achieve the idea of America which still has much farther to travel. I know that many in Milford will not agree with me, but I do not want my silence to be perceived as support for the current direction of our country. Daily I hear the town bell ring and I wonder what Paul Revere would say about how we are now treating the precious legacy left to us which is America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.