Support Sununu’s decision

Despite claims that Gov. Chris Sununu’s recent decision to veto HB365, more commonly known as the net-metering bill, is a step backwards, clear-minded New Hampshire residents should fully support the governor’s veto.

I’m glad that Sununu didn’t give into corporate pressures on this bill and sign it into law – an action that would have eased the burden of larger companies that can afford to install large quantities of solar panels and thrown all those who cannot afford such projects under the bus. If HB365 had become a law, it would have drastically hurt many New Hampshire families and small businesses due to the higher rates that they would have had to unwillingly pay on their electrical bills.

It is important that those who work to represent us do not forget that they are there to represent the people of New Hampshire – and while the net-metering bill may have been desired by some communities, it was seen as yet another tax increase that the government wanted to impose on its citizens. As many already have to deal with stagnation of their wages coupled with continual inflation, the government needs to stop levying hardships on their constituents.

The governor spoke for a majority of people across New Hampshire when he vetoed this bill and I wish other representatives followed suit instead of trying to protect their business interests. It is my hope that our lawmakers in Concord continue to protect the freedoms of all whom live in our state.