Klobuchar has proven ‘electability’

I just returned from a “Hot Dish House Party” given for the Amy Klobuchar campaign. That is the Midwest version of our “pot luck suppers.” Amy Klobuchar is on my short list of presidential candidates.

We Democrats have a great field of candidates and the debates going on within the party right now are highly educational. My high school debate teacher, Mrs. Keaton, would be proud of the political ideas and discussion points being put forth by these Dems. Full spectrum: conservative, moderate, liberal and radical. I believe we will end up with a winner. Meanwhile, I hope readers will take a closer look at Amy Klobuchar. She is well reasoned and incremental, She supports: Medicare Option rather than Medicare-For-All; wants to disallow any one company holding both patent & generic version of same drug; will reconnect with our allies. She is a thoughtful and smart leader when it comes to agriculture and our environment.

Vanderbilt University cited her the single most effective Democratic senator in the body. She works well “across the aisle”. She has passed 34 Bills that were signed into law during the last 2 years. She has listed 100 things she will do in first 100 days of her Presidency:www.search.aol.com/aol/searchq=amy%20klobuchar%20100%20things%20to%20do%20in%20100%20days&s_it=loki-tb-sb.

Regardless of who I decide to support politically, I believe Amy is the single most pleasant candidate in the field. Over decades she has proven her “electability” and has been good for down ballot races. She has very good temperament for presidency. Most importantly, she has a great sense of humor with which she is able to put Trump in his place without being offensive to voters.