Behavior is disgraceful

To start, I do not have any students in the Milford School District. I am, however, acquainted with many students and their parents through the theater performances that I have been involved with at the Amato Center and with the Amherst PTA.

I have been following the school board meetings for the past several months with much intrigue. One recent meeting caught my eye … particularly because of conduct by members on the school board.

After watching the live stream video, I was left disappointed and appalled by what I saw, and feel the need to speak up.

I do not know Holleigh Tlapa personally, but I feel that the way that she was treated by the other board members was disgraceful. Bullying should never be tolerated at any age. Holleigh only has the best interest of the people of SAU 40 at heart. This type of behavior is not a good representation to be given by people elected to serve the community.

I hope that all the people I know from Milford will vote these horrible people off the school board when elections come around in March.