Salvage what’s left

I teach a self-defense system that enables weaker people to defend against stronger attackers. The way this is done is to continuously change the focus of your counter attack. For example, instead of repeatedly hitting your attacker in the head, you hit him/her in a different vulnerable target each time. This unbalances and confuses the brain of the attacker and allows a weaker person an opportunity to prevail.

Unfortunately, this strategy is what the Trump administration has been using on the American people. The attacks are constant, and come from different directions. Clean air and water, family farms, poor children, the disabled, desperate refugees, public education, journalists, the homeless, veterans, anyone without power, nothing is safe from his hate driven agenda.

His impulsive unilateral foreign policy decisions, betraying trusted allies and breaking long standing treaties, will leave our country without friends in a conflict. To salvage what is left of the fabric of our once civil society, we have to unbalance him and his administration. This can be accomplished through vigorous pursuit of not only multiple investigations into their criminality, but also impeachment. Give them something besides the destruction of our cherished ideals of freedom, honor and compassion to think about. Make them think about prison.