Oversight of the presidency

I saw Donald Trump’s television ad – can’t call it a campaign ad, though his voice-over “approves of this ad.” He wants his followers to see the impeachment proceedings as “Democrats wanting to undo the last election.”

Well, no. That’s not it. The Constitution gives our elected Congress the duty of oversight of the presidency. This one we have now, elected with or without foreign interference, is a shambles. The president can’t talk and can’t clearly remember what he’s said one minute to the next. He thinks Colorado is next to Mexico. (His grandkids should give him a puzzle map of the United-States for Christmas this year). He doesn’t know if he communicated with Ukraine’s president via “perfect” phone call or “perfect” letter.

In either case, he committed an impeachable offense. He throws away/fires his appointees who try to keep the mess he makes as little mess as possible. He thinks that when he sends our troops to protect the Syrian oil lands, it is now our oil and he’ll decide “what to do with it later.” It’s not about the past election. It’s about the present/recent law-breaking of an ignorant, rules-flouting president.

When Trump coaxes his followers to see the Democrats as having evil motivation, I think of a wildly out-of-her-mind wife in divorce proceedings, poisoning her children (since she has them under her influence) against the father, telling all sorts of lies about him. Children believe the mother figure. Alas, for the Trump followers who think he’s doing something about a metaphorical swamp, when good government of the people, by the people, for the people is an Eden to be cherished.