More horror stories

So the horror stories about national health insurance have started. Just remember, people in other countries that have it love what they have. You do not see politicians in their countries running on a platform to install a United States health system in their country.

It might be easier to impeach our president for:

1. In a video, raising and lowering his arms mocking a reporter with an an illness that caused his arms to flay uncontrollably.

2. Trump in a famous video where he said, “I can grab women all I want, I am a star.” Now, there are 20 women charging him with assault. He says they are all lying. We know better.

3. His lie count is now over 10,000. The Republicans tried to crucify President Obama for his one wrong statement of “you can keep your doctor with Obamacare.”

It is deplorable that he is our president.