Be a part of the solution

In a recent letter to the editor, State Rep. Fred Douchette, a Republican, scolded those who have vehemently criticized our current President Donald J. Trump. He instructed them to show respect for the Office of the President.

I think Mr. Doucette has overlooked the fact that President Trump has failed to display even a miniscule degree of proper respect for the Office of the President. He continually uses it as a platform to spew hateful and crude language to bash and discredit his enemies and all those who disagree with him. He referred to third world country nations as “shit hole countries”; referred to Hispanics as – “criminals, druggies, rapists, etc.”; called the President of North Korea – “Rocket Man”, called Senator Elizabeth Warren – “Pocahontas”; instructed the NFL owners to – “Fire the sons of bitches,” mocked 16 year old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg; refers to Senator Bernie Sanders as – “Crazy Bernie”; called Congressman Adam Schiff – “little Adam Schitt”; said that “Senator Amy Klobuchar looked like a snowwoman”; referred to Senator Chuck Schumer as “Cryin Chuck”; referred to columnist Charles Krauthammer as a – “highly over-rated clown, dope who should be fired”; etc. It goes on and on and on.

I agree with Mr. Doucette, but respecting the Office of the President is a two-way street. Both American citizens, and President Trump should show proper respect.