Can Bernie deliver?

Bernie Sanders is surging in Iowa and New Hampshire. His supporters are fervent, loyal and, more important, they believe a vote for Bernie is a vote for: Medicare for All, elimination of all student debt, the Green New Deal and everything else that Bernie rails for in his speeches. It’s simple – vote for this guy and all your problems will be solved when he becomes president.

However, I wonder if Bernie’s supporters realize that even if Bernie becomes president, that he can’t deliver on any of his many promises all by himself. He (and any president) needs the strong support of Congress if they want to deliver on any of their campaign promises. Simply voting for a guy like Bernie doesn’t guarantee anything. There’s a long and difficult fight ahead, involving negotiation, persuasion and, most importantly, a Congress that’s favorable to some of the president’s policies.

As we consider who’s best to lead our country for the next four years, I urge everyone to keep in mind that it’s not about electing whoever promises you the world, but it’s about electing someone who can actually get something done. Oh, and electing a supporting cast (Congress, governors, statehouses) also is a necessary ingredient. Lord knows we need many things done, so please do your research on who’s a “doer,” and VOTE.