Vote yes for future of Amherst

The APPOINTED Planning Board in Amherst is NOT serving the best interests of the community. They are siding with developers, and we NEED CHANGE!

The Integrated Innovative Housing Ordinance, crafted by several members of our current board, is a flawed, confusing and unnecessary ordinance that will destroy Amherst with dense development. The language in the warrant article never mentioned DENSITY BONUSES! The voters were duped by the Planning Board in 2015!

When I have talked to fellow residents about why they live in Amherst, whether for four months or 40 years, the stories are similar. We fell in love with this town as a safe, caring community where we can raise our families, participate in special town events and enjoy all of the things that this small town has to offer. That is something to be PROUD of, something to CHERISH and something to PRESERVE! But not if the Planning Board has their way – all of that will change!

The PB says the IIHO ordinance provides for affordable housing. That is FALSE! To date, not a single unit in any application under the IIHO has been for Affordable Housing!

There are other concerns:

• Planning Board members have fallen asleep in meetings.

• Planning Board members yell at and talk over other PB members who express a different opinion.

• And a HUGE problem – Planning Board members have been re-appointed for 20, 30 and 40 years. These members are untouchable and their conduct shows it! Some of these board members are repeatedly disrespectful to residents and it’s unacceptable and an embarrassment.

At meetings, residents have gone to the microphone with serious questions and concerns. The responses from our board members have included the following:

1) Well, the developer has rights, there is nothing we can do to stop this.

2) Sit back and watch how we do it here in Amherst.

3) YOU PEOPLE just do not understand.

4) YOU PEOPLE are just against development.

5) On the matter of regional impact, our chairman, who has served on the board for 18 years, HAD NO IDEA that Mont Vernon students attend our schools for grades 7-12.

6) After patiently listening to the developers and the Board for hours, concerned citizens are told to hurry up, given time limits and given false information in response to their questions or statements.

So, the bottom line is this: WE WANT AND NEED ACCOUNTABILITY FOR MEMBERS OF OUR PLANNING BOARD! They are unwilling to listen to us and they have made that very clear. They will continue to try to limit and avoid public comment. They will continue to push dense development and defend the IIHO. They have recently voted against proposed changes to this damaging zoning ordinance.

We know where they stand. Now, let’s make it clear WHERE WE STAND!

Please vote YES on Warrant Article 37 on March 10! The FUTURE OF AMHERST NEEDS YOU! Thank you!