Where is the humanity

Imagine this: It’s summer. It’s 100 degrees, and you can barely breathe. You’re coming out of the grocery store, and you see a dog’s face pressed against the inside of a car window, struggling to catch the next breath in a scorching car with the temperature of a furnace. If you have a heart, if you are a human and not some monster, your heart rushes to your throat, and you take the nearest object, smash the car window and rescue the dog.

You just saved a dog’s life, and you would expect that society would look favorable upon your heroic actions. Perhaps it could be a teachable moment for your children about doing the right thing. But instead of getting a slap on the back, you get a slap on the wrist. Rescuing a dying dog from a hot car is illegal in the state of New Hampshire.

In a society that is just and fair, how could doing the right thing (in this case, rescuing a dog from the heat of a car) ever be illegal? What kind of human being lets a dog, or a child, die in a sweltering car? Where is the humanity in our “just society?”

There is a bill in Concord right now, HB1542, that allows people in New Hampshire to do the right thing and rescue animals and children from sweltering cars. If you feel that people should do the right thing, then I would urge you to contact your state legislators today to encourage them to support this bill.