Seek Grella for Selectman

I am seeking a sixth term as Amherst Selectman. During these last fifteen years, I have been involved in numerous financial and personnel decisions with the Board on a variety of topics. It has been a truly rewarding experience to be a part of the political process. One of my most memorable decisions was, as a part of the Road Funding Analysis Committee, which analyzed all roads in town to determine the cost of rebuilding and maintaining the same. A $15 million bond was proposed and I presented it at the Deliberative Session and it was approved. Most of the bond has been spent rebuilding 22 miles of Roads. A new strategy is implemented using the DPW budget of 1.2 million dollars to redo most of the remaining roads. Each year, it is anticipated, we will add $100,000 to this figure.

As part of the budget process, I have used a common sense approach toward making a decision. Each Department’s needs must be analyzed to determine if the Taxpayers will have the ability to provide funds.

Please read the voters Guide so you may become familiar with the “plain talk” explanation of each article. Remember to vote on March 10 from 6AM to 8PM at Souhegan High School. Thank you for your support.