Sununu and Gardner must act now

Voting is a cornerstone of our democracy. Elections must be fair and available to all eligible voters in a way that does not compromise their health or security. The state of New Hampshire has the responsibility to provide for these fair, secure and safe elections.

COVID-19 has arrived and delivered a heartbreaking litany of death and sickness. It is real, and the threat will be with us for months. Gov. Chris Sununu and Secretary of State Bill Gardner must act NOW to put in place procedures that will protect the coming elections as well as New Hampshire citizens.

A comprehensive plan could include online or mail in voter registration, as well as voter registration on Election Day. Every voter should have the option of absentee balloting with a statewide absentee ballot application website and/or every registered voter automatically receives an absentee ballot in the mail. There also needs to be a way to accept and count the mail-in ballots, again in a secure and safe way. A final component to making elections fair for all is to provide the necessary education for voters as to what they can expect and how they can carry out this most-important aspect of our democracy.

An individual’s right to vote is of paramount importance. All those eligible must be allowed to vote in a safe and secure way. The state of New Hampshire is duty bound to provide this for all its citizens. They must act now to be ready.