Trump doing a great job

President Donald Trump is doing a good job, considering all the problems he carries on his shoulders!

In defense of his (not) being aware of the rapid spread of the coronovirus in its infancy, let’s not forget that he was embroiled in impeachment proceedings, from Jan. 16 to Feb. 5. This was an unnecessary distraction for him!

Incidentally, where was W.H.O. during this period? This watchdog body is ostensibly, keeping an “eye” on any unhealthy issues that “pop” up in the universe?!

Look at China, deceiving the world by keeping their non-essential air travel grounded and out-of-country flights allowed back in January 2020.

There is a lot on his plate, daily. Plus, his trips to our ally countries to keep peace in the world.

He is doing an excellent job as our leader, as I see it.

Would anyone else be as strong and effective as Mr. Trump? It’s not a job for the squeamish.