Enforce the mandate

Why weren’t Gov. Chris Sununu’s mandates regarding no public gatherings of more than 10 people and social distancing enforced during the “anti-lockdown protests” at the State House plaza in Concord?

While I applaud the Concord Police Department for enforcing the governor’s orders at local playgrounds, why didn’t they do the same at these “protests” at our statehouse?

Out of common decency for the rest of us, the “protesters” should have worn masks while gathered in groups in public, since they are all potential carriers of the virus. Asymptomatic carriers who do not wear masks in public endanger us all, and will prolong the duration of this crisis. If they want to “open up” the state, they need to comply with this one basic common-sense requirement.

In opening up the state for business, Gov. Sununu should REQUIRE that EVERYONE wear a mask in public, and ENFORCE the order EVERYWHERE. That way we can ALL go back to work in as safe a manner as is possible.