Everyone should have health care

Following from my own long concern about the far from universal provision of health care in this country, I was delighted to come across the film “FIX IT: Healthcare at the Tipping Point” and to discover that it will be shown on the web via Zoom from 6-8 p.m. on May 19 and be followed by discussion of on-the-ground experiences of professionals working in healthcare in Cheshire County.

This highly informative film, two years in its making, arose from Richard Master’s difficulties as a small business owner in providing his employees health insurance for the good health of employees and their families, as required by law. These problems are informatively presented in extensive interviews. They describe, for instance, how wastage within payment systems hidden within labyrinths of insurance company interests, are beyond scrutiny and public accountability. It’s literally out-of-sight costs, divorced from the real costs of health care, are beyond affordable for business payers and receivers alike.

But Medicare and the VA provide the same care for about 50% of us at a far lower cost. How so?

Simpler administration, substantial bargaining power and public scrutiny. And do you hear, by any chance, anyone using Medicare to complain about it?

However, the greatest importance of this film, as we all now confronted by COVID19, is that we, each of us, need confidence that all of us, employed or not, financially well off or not, can readily access health care. Our lives now depend upon everyone, and we all need effective health care for everyone.

This film, “FIX-IT: Healthcare at the Tipping Point” provides lots to think about in pursuing these social responsibilities. To access this Web-based program, go to Rights and Democracy NH/events on the Web to find “Calendar events (19 May),” click the registration form, fill out and submit. You’ll then be emailed a ZOOM Web address to let you join the event.